Meet Andrew Evans, the Mortgage Guy

Firstly, thanks for sticking around. You’ve made an important decision to educate yourself about buying a home and getting the right finance.

It’s my goal to help you feel supported on this journey. Informed. Empowered. Confident. And in complete control of your future.

Mortgage Guy is my family’s business. It all started with my father, John Evans, a finance professional and mortgage broker in Sydney with an impressive 30-years of experience. You could say he knows a thing or two thousand about mortgages.

Together, it’s our mission to enable people and their families to achieve their dreams through financial understanding and stability.

Because you’re buying a home, not just a house, right?

Myself and the team at Mortgage Guy understand modern families and their needs because we’re part of one. Mortgage Guy is not just a mortgage broker in Sydney, we’re a family-based business, so we’re passionate about helping home-buyers secure a stable and happy future inside a home they’ll love for years to come.

Why we created

My family’s been in the finance industry for years. Interest rates, conveyancing and mortgages were general dinner table banter growing up. It’s true, we not as entertaining as the Kardashians… but we do feel strongly about creating bright futures for our families.

Whether we’re cooking for each other, giving (occasionally unwanted) financial advice or teasing each other mercilessly, one thing’s for sure:

We always have each other’s backs.

We support each other. We love each other. And we want that rosy future for each other.

For us, the secret recipe to living a happy life = family + smart money management + a place to call home. A good Sunday Roast does wonders, too. was created to pass on this formula to empower ambitious men and women to take control of their futures… just as I hope my daughter will learn from our family’s financial knowledge.

Because building a prosperous future requires planning and prowess… but you don’t have to go it alone.

So start here. And start today. We’re here to help.

What we value


Whether you’re speaking with myself, my father, my mother, or Aunty Cushla in the back office, you’ll always receive honest, genuine advice. We’re open and transparent with all of our clients, and we give you advice when you need it, not just when you ask for it.


Understanding the Australian real estate market isn’t easy. If you’re looking to buy property to live in, or want to learn how to invest in property, we’ll sort through the many layers of mystery so that you can walk away with the market intelligence you need to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, it’s our job to empower you with the knowledge you need to create a secure future for your family. Call us crazy, but buying a home can actually be a simple process…but only if you have the right guide. It’s not just our job to help you organise your finance – we’ll also make sure you’ve got the right conveyancer on your side, know how to talk real estate agent lingo, and feel confident when negotiating an offer on a property.


Choosing the right Mortgage Broker in Sydney for you is important, because you’re entrusting the future of your family with one person. When you work with us, we don’t just terminate the service once you’ve settled on a property. After closing, we’ll continue to work with you as your needs and circumstance may change. You can trust that you won’t be left in the dark.


It’s never been more important to work with an experienced, licensed professional when buying a property. Understanding home loan options is increasingly complex, as is securing them in the first place. We’re always on the cutting edge of all real estate and interest rate changes, so you can trust that we’re always up-to-date with industry intelligence.

The Professional and Official Bios of Our Directors


Sydney mortgage broker Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans

Principal | J.P., Dip Fin Svc (F/MB), B Maths & IT

Father. Husband. Scuba enthusiast.

ASIC – Authorised Credit Representative # 443313

0417 465 446

Sydney mortgage broker John Evans

John Evans

Principal | J.P., M.I.C.M., Dip Fin Svc (F/MB)

Family man. Mortgage guru. Better scuba diver than Andrew.

ASIC – Authorised Credit Representative # 367977

0411 233 033

What now?

Are you ready to talk with us? That’s what we’re here for! It’s easy to get in touch.

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