Our why? It’s simple.

Like Beyonce, like Martin Luther King, and like Eleanor Roosevelt, we care about dreams.

You dream of building a future.

Big. Bright. Blissfully happy. But also stable, and secure. We’re talking about dreams, not Disneyland!

But you know you need to be practical. You’re a smart cookie and eternally pragmatic about things, and you know you need to plan for major life decisions.

Like buying a home. Or investing in property. Big things. Big gulp!

Let’s be frank: buying a property – or securing a mortgage – is typically the largest sum of money to pass through your hands in your entire life.

We’re not saying you’re not capable of taking this on – of course you are. But to get started and to make the process as hiccup-free as possible, we recommend dealing with a reliable, honest, genuine and on-the-ball mortgage broker. Cough, cough.

This is where we come in.

Here at Mortgage Guy, it our life’s mission to help Australian’s get out of the real estate scramble and into a home of their own. We’re utterly committed to your journey – from getting pre-approval on a home loan, to handing over the keys, and beyond.

This website is the hotspot for anyone wanting to strike out and finally get their hands on their dreams. Because dammit, you deserve it.

Why should I choose a mortgage broker?

Time’s a limited resource. Do you want to waste your weekends shopping around for a lender? Do you have time to educate yourself about the mortgage process, interest rates and lender policies? Really boring, but entirely necessary stuff.

A mortgage broker acts as your personal translator to House Buying 101. We’ll filter through all the noise and deliver you a solution that gets you to your goals quicker.

Think of us as your right hand companion. Unlike big banks and lenders, we’re available after hours and on weekends, when you’ll be on the hunt for your dream home.

And if you ever need to refinance, or need us further down the track after the purchase, we’ll still be here. We’re a small, family-based business, so you can trust we won’t be up and retrenching our team anytime soon, leaving you with a virtual stranger.

But wait! What’s in it for you?

Call us old-fashioned, but we’re into client satisfaction. Oh, and we’re paid by the banks, so you don’t need to worry about paying up extra fees. You get all the benefits of having a personal home loan expert, with no additional cost. And to keep things out in the open, we’ll provide all the information you need, including Credit Guides and Disclosures which spell out exactly how we will help you and what we will get paid to do so.

Okay! Okay! I’m ready to talk house.

We’ve worked with hundreds of happy home owners and property investors. We’d be proud to have you join us. Get in touch for an obligation-free phone call.

Simply contact us using the details at the bottom of the screen to start the process. We’ll collect a bit of preliminary information to understand the best way to help you. After that, we’ll organise an obligation and cost free consultation. And yes, we’ll come to you.

FYI, we know what we’re doing

Mortgage brokers are being subject to more and more rules. We’re even licensed by ASIC. This is a good thing – it means you’re in safe hands.

With over 20-years of experience helping home buyers in Australia, the team at Mortgage Guy has the market intelligence to help modern families secure their dreams.

Let us help you.
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